Sunday, March 24, 2013


"STORYSCAPES" IN NEW YORK NEXT MONTH: April 19-21 in New York City, the Tribeca Film Festival presents "Storyscapes," five innovative examples of interactive storytelling at an installation a the Bombay Sapphire --> ® House of Imagination. The event celebrates projects that are making smart use of "new technologies and new possibilities for audience participation."

FACING TEAR GAS: Facing Tear Gas is a tumblr bog of the War Resisters League that collects and shares stories of people who've experienced tear gas. The project aims to support the WRL's campaign to ban the export of US-made tear gas, and the militarization of police in our communities.
The tumblr doesn't have so many stories, and the most recent one at this point is a couple months old. Still, it's an interesting issue, and the project seems to have many of the same benefits (builds public participation, yields stories that the campaign can use in outreach and press relations), and challenges (hard to attract good and relevant stories) as other similar projects.

FAMILY STORIES: A recent article in the New York Times says that a strong narrative can bind a family together. Researchers categorized family narratives into three types: ascending (things are getting better and better), descending (the good times are past), and the most healthy type, oscillating (ups and downs)