Sunday, February 17, 2013


TEJU COLE'S TWITTER STORIES ON DRONE STRIKES: Teju Cole, author of the captivating novel of wandering, Open City, last month wrote "seven short stories on drones." Each story was the length of a tweet, and each borrows the opening line of a famous work of literature. For example, "Call me Ishmael. I was a young man of military age. I was immolated at my wedding. My parents are inconsolable." Click here for the full set of stories, and here for Cole's funny, musical, political and all-around pretty excellent Twitter feed. (Recent tweet: "I'm of two minds about most things, and so am I.")

DANIEL ALARCÓN'S PODCAST: Jorge Rivas says to think of it as "This Latin American Life" -- really, it's "Radio Ambulante," a radio show and podcast launched last year that showcases "compelling human stories from around Latin America and the United States." It's produced by a team of folks including novelist Daniel Alarcón, who says he hopes the show provokes listeners to think about "how stories get told, and who tells them." Each of the three episodes so far has fictional and factual stories on a theme, including "Moving," "Names," and "Miracles." It's smart stuff, and worth a listen. The website has full audio in Spanish, and some in English.