Sunday, December 30, 2012


THE DRAMA IN EVERYDAY LIFE: (To play, click not on the play button on the center of the screen, but at the bicycle pedals.) Above, a funny little video making the rounds online (yes, it turns out to be an ad). It reminds me that miniature dramas are taking place all the time -- there's a story behind every incident of a stranger asking directions, every bicycle accident, every exchange of glances. Just that it's a matter of fine-tuning our attention to perceive those dramas. 

CREATING SUSPENSE ON "HOMELAND": Alex Gansa, showrunner and executive producer of the hit Showtime series "Homeland," had this to say in a New York Times Q&A about how the show builds suspense. "Our motto is, give up the secret before the audience expects it. Because you guys know it’s coming. The only way we can surprise you is to deliver it ahead of schedule. And sometimes letting a secret die with a character is the better twist." 

PROJECTING STORIES IN PUBLIC: An arresting piece of public art appeared in New York City's Union Square recently. Krzysztof Wodiczko's "Abraham Lincoln: War Veterans Projection" projected video interviews with Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam war veterans onto a statue of the late president.  


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