Sunday, December 18, 2011


LISTENING IN TEXAS: The Texas After Violence Project uses storytelling to increase the peace. With the tagline "Listening for a change," the organization "works to create a foundation for public dialogue on violence in Texas, especially murder and execution. We carefully listen to people affected by violence, including friends and family members of murdered and executed people, as well as police officers, first responders, prosecutors, defense attorneys, prison employees, victim and defendant advocates, and others involved in Texas' criminal justice system. TAVP records their statements, archives them, makes them public with the narrators' consent, and promotes conversations about the most effective, compassionate, and just ways to prevent and respond to violence." Read transcripts of some of the moving narratives here.

LISTENING IN AFRICA: In the New York Times last weekend, an op-ed by Hanning Menkell on "The Art of Listening" as practiced in Africa. The author says the best way to explain what he has learned from his 25 years of life in Africa (especially Mozambique) is "through a parable about why human beings have two ears but only one tongue. Why is this? Probably so that we have to listen twice as much as we speak." 


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