Sunday, July 17, 2011


CREATIVE RE-WORKING OF OBAMA'S AUDIO-BOOK: Austin-based artist Dan Warren has taken the audio from President Obama's audio-book of "Dreams from My Father," and re-fashioned it into a 32-minute origin story called "Son of Strelka, Son of God," incorporating sound effects and electronic music. The whole audio-file can be downloaded for free from Warren's website, where he describes the story as telling "the story of an ugly dog-faced demigod who recreates the world after it is destroyed." So far, a couple of the chapters have been animated (by others, I believe) and put on YouTube. Chapter 1 is above. 

ALTERNATE REALITY GAMES FOR TV PROMOTION: Producers of Showtime's hit series "Dexter" have created an alternate reality game that put players into the shows of the show's murderous lead character -- they hope it'll drive up viewership. Read the story from SXSW, which also links to the audio of a full panel discussion on the game. 

TELLING STORIES UNDER INTERROGATION: Here's an interesting little quote from criminal defense attorney F. Lee Bailey, perhaps most famous for his work for O.J. Simpson. "Anyone experienced in interrogation learns to recognize the difference between a man speaking from life and a man telling a story that he either has made up or has gotten from another person." That's from page 151 of his 1971 book, "The Defense Never Rests" (link to 1972 edition on Amazon). I've heard that people telling the truth about an event in their lives (e.g. under interrogation) can tell the story backwards with relatively little effort; but people who make up an alibi usually cannot tell the story backwards, unless they've really prepared. 

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