Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The cast and crew of TV's "Lost" is a totally fun bunch. I was hanging out with the gang on Oahu not long ago, and Carlton Cuse -- one of the show's writer-producers, whose middle name I think should be "J' ac", so sometimes I call him Jack or Jacques -- anyway, Carlton had this idea and ran it by me. He said, "hey, Paul, for the wrap party, what do you say we serve wraps for food -- get it!?" I thought that was a great idea and told him so. So he went ahead with it, and on the final day of filming, there were wraps of all kinds. Carlton had the Thai peanut chicken wrap, which he raved about; I had this Hawaiian poi wrap, which was an interesting culinary experiment but ultimately a total failure; and then Naveen (the actor who plays Sayid, a real sweetheart whose smoldering good looks are even more evident in person) had this weird broccoli-cauliflower wrap, which led him to proclaim that cruciferous vegetables do not belong in anything but a salad; let's see, the real winner of the evening was Evangeline -- on the set sometimes we call her Eve or Evie -- she had this fantastic Asian-fusion wrap and, when she got a trophy for best wrap selection, well, she just laughed so hard the pineapple juice came out her nose. Then, of course, there was the actual filming, it was a day of laughter and tears, remembering all the great times we'd had together, and all the people we've lost to TV death over the course of the past 6 seasons. Like, for example, Mr. Eko. Nikki and Keile, whom a lot of viewers hated but, well, you gotta admit, their death was pretty satisfying. Anyway, they'll live on in our hearts forever. Then just the other night, when the finale aired, I stopped by the set of Jimmy Kimmel -- a bunch of the cast and crew were there -- to wish everyone good luck and go to the after-party. Jimmy had cooked up this funny idea of alternate endings for "Lost," and the cast all played along. I don't want to take ALL the credit, but after Jimmy had the basic idea, I pretty much ran with it and wrote the entire script. Hope you enjoy it, the clip is above.


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