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ABOUT HARVEY MILK: Harvey Milk was a camera store owner, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (like city council), and a gay rights activist who was killed in City Hall in 1978, along with Mayor George Moscone. He is the subject of a documentary film "The Times of Harvey Milk," and a feature film "Milk."

ABOUT THE TOUR: “HARVEY MILK: Out of the Bars and Into the Streets” is an an audio walking tour about Harvey Milk and the rise of gay power in 1970s San Francisco. The tour goes from the site of Harvey Milk’s old camera shop at 575 Castro Street, to San Francisco City Hall. The tour features original interviews with Harvey’s friends and colleagues, as well as archival audio to transport the listener to a dramatic time in gay political organizing. The route is the same as that of Harvey’s walk to his inauguration, the candlelight march after he was killed, and the protest after his killer’s sentencing. The route is a mostly flat 1.75 miles, makes several stops along the way, and takes about 70 minutes. Start at 575 Castro Street. When you’re ready to begin, press play on your audio player, and the program will guide you from there. Those who are less familiar with San Francisco may want to download the tour map as a backup. If you only have time or energy for an abbreviated tour, start at the northeast corner of Market St. and Van Ness Ave., at 50:20 on the audio program. Bring a snack in case you get hungry. If you don't live in San Francisco or can't get there to take the tour, try listening on a route to your own City Hall, or at home.

TOUR FLYER: Download a flyer to let others know about the tour
Download flyer (pdf)

TOUR MAP: Contains a map and more info on the tour
Download Castro Tour Map (pdf)

TOUR AUDIO FILE: Available on iTunes. Or click below to listen online, or right-click or option-click to download and listen on your mp3 player (iPod, Sansa, Zune, etc.)
Download HARVEY MILK: Out of the Bars and Into the Streets (mp3)

LEARN MORE ABOUT HARVEY MILK AND GLBT HISTORY: For more information and exhibits on Harvey Milk and gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender history, be sure to visit the GLBT Historical Society website here. The Society's downtown office houses an amazing archive of printed materials, audio and video recordings, and ephemera on GLBT History. It also has a terrific exhibition space at the corner of 18th and Castro Streets in San Francisco, which features the exhibit “Passionate Struggles: Dynamics of San Francisco’s GLBT History.” Also, the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library has a must-see collection of GLBT materials at both the Hormel Center (third floor) and the San Francisco History Center (sixth floor). Among their holdings are the papers of Harvey Milk, and the papers of some of his correspondents, and the Randy Shilts papers. Seriously, go get lost in their collections, it's remarkable stuff. The library's website is here, the San Francisco History Center is here, and the Gay and Lesbian Center is here.

CREDITS: Tour created by Paul VanDeCarr © 2008. Many thanks to interviewees Anne Kronenberg, Cleve Jones, Daniel Nicoletta, and narrator Jewelle Gomez. Big thanks for archival and other audio to Pacifica Radio Archives, KRON4 News Archives, Walter Caplan, David Lamble, Randy Shilts Papers at the San Francisco History Center, Michael Kirchberger, David Hegarty, Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist, CheerSF, Bebe Sweetbriar. Thanks also to San Francisco Arts Commission,, George Rodgers, Kevin O'Connor of Elevation, Photo of Harvey’s march to his inauguration, © Daniel Nicoletta.

CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE: Creative Commons License
"Harvey Milk: Out of the Bars and Into the Streets" by Paul VanDeCarr is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


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